Dr. Al Khalafalla works with a number of organizations including:

HDI Logo Bahrain Council University Bahrain
The Humpty Dumpty Institute Bahrain American Council University of Bahrain
The Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI) is a unique non-profit organization that serves people in the developing world through the implementation of large-scale humanitarian projects and through its work with the United Nations.

Since 2007, HDI has implemented about $20 million worth of development projects in Angola, Mozambique, Eritrea, Lebanon, Armenia, Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Pakistan. These projects are sponsored by individuals, foundations and governments.

In addition, HDI fosters dialogue between the United Nations and the following four communities, all designed to help the U.N. become an even more effective institution.

  • U.S. Congress and the American People
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Financial Community
  • Arts and Entertainment Community
The Bahrain American Council is a nonprofit organization focused on promoting trade and business relations between Bahrain and the United States, and in educating the public about the strategic importance of Bahrain. To accomplish this, the BAC prides itself on increasing the understanding between Bahraini and American leaders in both business and government. BAC strives to increase American awareness of Bahrain’s history, traditions, people, business climate, and politics. It is important that American audiences know about Bahrain’s stability and their path to reform if we are to encourage mutual trade and investment.

The Bahrain American Council is committed to assist the Bahrain people and government to work together to transform their social compact. The Council will explore opportunities for compromise in the issues identified by the Government of Bahrain and all the people of Bahrain, and provide resources and information to all parties who are hoping to achieve stability and peace.

BAC believes that strengthening the bilateral ties between the United States and Bahrain will help identify solutions to those issues, and encourages increased commerce and exchange of ideas between citizens and leaders of both countries.

Relations between countries begin with the exchange of ideas between human beings. BAC tries to improve bilateral relations by creating opportunities for interpersonal interactions. They conduct briefings and publish information about historical background and current events, and facilitate bilateral exchange visits.

The University of Bahrain (UoB) is the only national higher education institution in the Kingdom of Bahrain that offers mainly undergraduate Bachelor degrees and postgraduate degrees (M.Sc. and Ph.D.). Officially founded in 1986, its roots date back to the late 1960s when two higher education institutes were founded: the Higher Institute for Teachers and the Gulf Polytechnic College. These were eventually merged to create the University of Bahrain.

University of Bahrain’s vision is to be an internationally recognized university for excellence in student learning, innovative research, and community engagement that contributes to the economic vitality, sustainability, and quality of life in the Kingdom, the region, and beyond.

UoB aims for excellence in teaching and learning; innovative research; the generation and dissemination of knowledge; development of the student’s personality, skills, and knowledge; and building partnerships with the public and private sectors. UoB is dedicated to distinction in its academic programs, faculty and staff, and student activities; and believes in fostering innovation, cultivating a culture for quality, and reaching out to the local, regional, and global communities.